Elysian Oaks
Life Coaching

The term “Elysian” is of Greek origin, meaning “heavenly.”  The word, “oak,” reflects the strongest and tallest tree in the Northern Hemisphere – which outlasts almost anything else found on earth. 

Elysian Oaks Life Coaching aims

Elysian Oaks Life Coaching aims to be heavenly-minded while simultaneously thriving and growing deep roots on earth that will leave a legacy for future generations. I walk with my clients through specific seasons, providing essential biological, social, psychological, and spiritual support and guidance amidst turmoil, successes, and key relationships.


The goal of working with a life coach is to assess current life and relationship patterns, analyze how history and background has written into the narrative of this assessment, ascertain the potential and the desire for change, formulate strategies for making change a reality, and creating a pattern of self-sufficiency and emotional independence. Once this emotional independence is achieved, seasonal maintenance sessions may be required; however, the primary goal is to build a therapeutic alliance together which leads to confident social, spiritual, biological, psychological, and emotional health.

Additional Services & Areas of Focus

  • Career Exploration
  • Spirituality or Faith Deconstruction Focused Coaching
  • Trauma & Abuse
  • Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
  • Individual & Couples Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Amy Pfeffer

Amy Pfeffer is Elysian Oak’s Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is recognized as a National Certified Counselor (NCC).  Additionally, Amy holds degrees in theology, business, administration, and technology.  

Amy also has her Project Management Professional Certification along with several agile management certifications, which provide her with extensive business experience and the capability to partner with her clients on action planning and execution of life change.  

Amy has worked with sex-trafficked survivors dealing with complex trauma along with serving in an advocate and mentorship role for sex-trafficked survivors with organizations in Middle Tennessee, the United States, and internationally.  Amy also has experience in working with adult children of alcoholics, abuse, SRA and substance abuse.  

Amy grew up much of her adolescence with an African-American family and she has built a sensitivity towards multicultural issues in American society.